As a life long outdoors-man, fisherman, and adventure traveler, the opportunity to build a brand from scratch is the most exciting business project of my career. Creating and building businesses is exciting, challenging, and requires constant adjustment to the market.

SUP Fishing vs. Kayak Fishing: Which is Better?

According to the “Outdoor Recreation Participation Topline Report of 2014”, both SUP and Kayak Fishing are experiencing huge increases in participation. In fact, these activities are ranked 3rd and 4th fastest trending sports in the outdoor industry. This report confirms two assumptions we made when we founded SUPonthefly. First, the stand up paddle board industry is exploding. SUPs provide water access to people who have never been able to logistically and economically get out on our lakes, rivers and oceans. SUP is changing the face of recreational water use.  Second, fishermen are actively seeking a lightweight, agile, self-sufficient means to access fish. Read more…..

Fly Fishing Knots

3 Key Fishing Knots for Anglers

There are a number of different ways of tying flies on the end of your line and connecting two different sized lines together. Nothing is more frustrating than being on your Stand Up Paddle board on a mountain lake or standing in the flats and not being able to effectively tie the knot required to catch the fish you see. We have found these two knots to be particularly effective when you are looking to have the fly hang free and when you are in situation where you are joining two different strengths of line together. Also the perfection loop is very handy when you need to create a loop at the end of your line.

  •  Non slip knot– strong loop knot that allows a fly to hang free.

  • Albright knot exceptional when tying lines of different strengths

  • Perfection loop knot– Great for tying a loop at the end of the line.
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SUP Fishing: Matching the Hatch.

So you’ve purchased your new fishing Stand Up Paddle board… You’ve outfitted it with key accessories to manage the rod, paddle, fishing net and other key items… You are standing at the river’s edge, ready to land a legendary brown trout. And suddenly you realize you have no idea which fly to use. Sound familiar? Have you ever struggled to understand which bug your are trying to imitate? Fear not. Read more….

Mountain Lakes SUP Fishing

Ever hiked to a mountain lake and seen a cutthroat trout rising just beyond your casting distance? Or have you ever stood on the shore and realized there is no backcast area at all. Your try your roll cast only to find out you are 20 yards short. Sigh…. I can’t tell you how many times I have experienced this in Colorado, Idaho and Wyoming.   As a child we tried to overcome this with belly boats which was somewhat helpful but sure was chilly and very difficult to cast any distance.  Those days are now over and the new stable, lightweight, easy to set up inflatable stand up paddle boards are changing access to before unfishable areas. Read more….